Flower Pots for Planting Flowers On The Balcony

When you plant flowers on the balcony, the flower pots should select carefully. There are many kinds of flower pots in the market. When choosing the flower pot for the balcony, we mainly focus on their color combination, shapes, size.

Furthermore, when you are selecting flower pots, it would be best to consider the flower growth habits, overall coordination, use requirements, and furnishing environment. Lets have look of the types of flower pots and what are the matters consider when selecting them.

Types of flower pots

Plastic pots

Plants that grow in plastic pots for a long time will cause poor plant growth or even death due to restricted root respiration. In addition, plastics will crack when exposed to the sun, and the plastics are also aging, which will emit toxins that harm plants, and human health is not good for the environment.

Tile pots

Tile flowerpots have good air permeability and strong water permeability, which is helpful to plant growth. However, tile pots are generally not very beautiful in appearance because this material is not suitable for shaping. The ornamentation is also average. Moreover, pots of this material are easy to stain with soil and dust. So that is not easy to clean. Therefore, tile pots are rarely seen in the market and occasionally can be seen in traditional homes.

Porcelain pots

Porcelain pot

Porcelain pots are of excellent ornamental value, but the air permeability of porcelain pots is not very good. This is because the glaze on the outside of the porcelain pots blocks the way of air in and out. However, you can fill the bottom of the porcelain pot with small stones and other materials for good air permeability. Also, you can make a simple drainage layer.

How to make a drainage layer around a porcelain pot wall.

First, use thick paper (thick paper such as kraft paper) to roll into small cylinders smaller than the diameter of the flowerpot.

Fill the gap between the cylinder and the inner wall of the flowerpot with coarse river sand, and fill the cylinder with soil that needs for planting.

Finally, draw out the round paper tube so that I can guarantee the bottom and surroundings of the potting soil to have good air permeability.

Pottery pots

Pottery pots are beautiful and breathable flowerpots. But it needs to frequently watering, otherwise it will gradually dry. In addition, the pottery pot is picky about the water quality. If the water is alkaline, for a long time, outside of the pottery pot will appear white stripes.

There are fewer plants suitable with the pottery pots, and the pottery pots are little heavy. Also it can breaks easily, especially when moveing around .

Straw pots

Straw flower pot

Straw flowerpot has the advantages of light weight and environmental protection. It is made of rice straw, wheat straw, coconut fiber etc. So it has very good air permeability.

However, due to the problem of manufacturing technology, there are few styles of straw pots and straw compressed products. So the gap of the straw flowerpot is relatively large. It is easy to seep water when watering, and even water droplets will seep under the floor or tray. So it will affecting the cleanliness of the outside.

Selection points of flowerpots for the balcony

Pots must be breathable. The bottom of the pot must have holes. Recently, I saw some people buy that kind of beautiful and valuable porcelain pots to grow plants, but the bottom is nonporous. Even if the master among the masters can plant plants in such a pot, an ordinary planter is challenging to do it.

Must be big enough according to plant. Although appearance is very important, we should also pursue practicality. If the pot’s diameter pot is less than 7 cm, it’s best not to buy it. Although it looks good, it’s like a wine cup. It’s not suitable to plant anything.

If you plant vegetables, you can choose a rectangular plastic pot with a wide area, which is suitable for sowing. It not be too dense and can grow more. Therefore it can make good use of space. It is especially suitable for planting leeks, small vegetables, and the like.

It is best to choose larger, higher, and deeper porcelain pots or plastic pots for fruit trees. This type of pot can hold enough soil and keep up with the nutrition of fruit trees, but it can’t be too big. We should still consider the load-bearing of balconies and terraces to avoid affecting safety.

Many gardeners asked, can you plant things in wooden pots and grow flowers? Of course, the answer is yes, but the use time of wooden pots is relatively short. Although it looks good to plant plants, it is easy to mold, deform and rot if it is watered for a long time.

You can use beautiful pots with small designs to add a lively atmosphere to your home or balcony with cactus and succulent plants. Because cactus doesn’t need regular fertilization, a basin with a diameter of about 10 cm is almost enough.

Pay attention to environmental protection. Always try to choose environment-friendly pots. Try not to use disposable light and thin plastic pots. They are not durable and pollute the environment. A pot that you can use for more than a few years is the best choice.

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