22 DIY Tips! Waste Products To Create A Small Creative Garden

Use waste to build a small garden, which saves money and exercises your hands-on ability. You will be amazed about some of the materials never hear. Find happiness in DIY. Let’s learn together.

1. Reuse of discarded fish tanks

Discarded fish tanks as flower pots

The little fish that you liked is dead? You don’t feel like you will love it anymore? Change the purpose of the fish tank so as not to put an empty fish tank there.

Making aquarium plants is very simple. You only need to put a layer of glass beads or tumbled glass on the bottom of the aquarium and then take the succulents out of the cheap plastic pot and put them in the aquarium.

If necessary, add some soil to fix it. Do you want to be more individual? The sticks left after eating the ice sticks can be used for decoration.

2. A tin can transform into a small flower pot

Used tin as flower pots

Do you occasionally buy canned things, such as Campbell soup, paint, etc.? Then throw them away after use? That would be a pity,

In fact, as long as they are thoroughly cleaned, they can be used as pots to grow plants. But for the sake of beauty, I suggest that it is best to spend a little more time remodeling the appearance of the jar.

If possible, drill a hole on both sides of the jar and hang it on the wall with a rope to make it more beautiful!

3. The wardrobe can make into bliss

Old wardrobe used as flower decorationIf you are about to replace the drawer closet in your home, then if you have space, you can actually consider transforming it into a small world of succulents.

Drill drainage holes at the bottom of each drawer, and then use bricks to hold the inside of the drawers to prevent too much space on each floor. Then plant plants, bury the soil, and complete the ingenious succulent paradise like the picture above.

4. Make ordinary flower pots using Zakka style

Burlap bag use as flower pots

Isn’t the flowerpot so beautiful? It’s okay. You can make a big change immediately after you prepare the burlap and hemp rope.

Measure how wide the cloth is needed to completely cover the flowerpot, cut the burlap into a circle, wrap the flowerpot, and tie it with hemp rope.

5. The old floppy disk can dispatch again

Old floppy disk as flower pots

This kind of flower pot feels very suitable for the home of a computer fanatic. Use a hot melt gun to glue for old-style floppy disks (You can also use similar CD boxes) into a bottomless box.

Trim the height of the periphery of the plastic pot planted with plants to avoid exposing the disk flowerpot and causing unsightliness.

6. Used books as flower pots

Used book as flower pots

I saw this idea at a wedding with succulents as the theme before. The middle of the old hard-shell book was hollowed out, sealed with mod podge glue, and then covered with a layer of plastic wrap to plant it in this small space.

The succulent plants are more suitable for this type of pot. You will like its unique appearance.

7. Rain boots change into a flower pot

Rain boots as flower pots

Do you know? Actually, the rain boots you don’t need can also be used as flower pots. By coloring this beautifully, you will be able to get a different look. It also has good durability.

It is possible to plant plants that need to be deeply rooted because the rain boots have a certain depth.

8. Old kitchen appliances can convert to new flower pots

Used kettle and basin as flower pots

In addition to rain boots, some of the old kitchen appliances at home are also very suitable for use as flower pots, such as drain basins and kettles are good choices.

You can use them directly, and even the effort of transformation is saved.

9. Building materials making flower pots

Cement flower pots

Are there some floor materials left after the renovation of the house? Then please take a moment to make them into flower pots.

Well, you can stick 4 bricks together and put plants in them. The production is basically similar to the old-fashioned floppy disk. Remember to make a hole at the bottom or not to seal the bottom. Otherwise, it will easily cause the plant’s roots to rot when the water gets too much.

10. Recycle wine cork

Wine cork as flower pots

The cork stopper left over after drinking the wine is actually an asset for you. You can dig a hole like the picture above and plant a small plant in it, or you can use hot melt glue to fix it in the picture frame after you have collected more than ten or twenty.

The pin on the top is used to hang jewelry, and it can also replace the sign-in book for guests attending weddings and other activities to sign in on it. Then you can seal it in a large glass drift bottle as a souvenir.

11. The magical look of old shoes and bags

Old shoes and bags as flower pots

The old shoe or bag is actually a perfect plant container after being cleaned because it is breathable and water-permeable.

Also, it does not leak the soil and has a certain depth, so it is indeed a good low-cost method for small planting.

12. Milk carton use as a flower pot

Milk carton use as a flower pot

Remove the top of the milk carton, wrap it with a linen cloth for decoration, fix the cloth with hot melt glue, put the plants in the carton together with the original plastic pot, and then decorate the vacancy with moss. Make sure to make a hole for drainage.

13. Plants in the tie

Plants in the tie

This idea needs to destroy a tie and test the craftsmanship. This will be the most epic idea. If you have the skill, you can challenge it, but remember to be waterproof! As a result, you have to select more suitable plants here.

14. Potted plants in glass jars

Glass jar pots

The most ordinary glass bottle with a metal lid is actually the most practical. It does not require any modification and can be used directly as a flower pot.

Plant some edible herbs such as mint and put them on the window sill in the kitchen. It is beautiful and also very useful. You can refer to some tutorials if you want to hang up, but it will be relatively big work.

15. Chandelier flower pot

Chandelier use as flower pot

You didn’t expect this, right? Turn the unwanted chandelier into a flower pot. It’s beautiful and easy to make, but it will take up a lot of space.

16. Hanging potted plants

Hanging potted plants

This is really a test of craftsmanship. There are special requirements for plant varieties and containers. You have to choose a method that how to store planting medium inside the pot. Accept this as a challenge.

17. The enchanting effect of eggshell

Eggshell pots

Eggs are always available in most families, but have you ever thought that eggshells are also a good flower pot?

Crack the egg (don’t knock it too badly or open the mouth too much, you can use a knife to help). Take out the egg yolk and egg white. Then wash it and put it in the egg carton.

Add some nutrient soil into the eggshells and then step into the plant seeds. Make sure to water it regularly. Also, the eggshell can provide nutrients, so it is really not wasteful to use!

18. A wine bottle can be used as a vase

Wine bottle as flower pots

I usually keep good-looking wine bottles as vases. Hydroponic soil is suitable for planting.

However, you should avoid the soil-grown plants  to avoid root rot because it cannot drain. (Hanging on the balcony will look great) But you can try soil plants in special way, just like planting pothos in water.

Also, you can try upside down method. Be carful when removing the bottom of the bottle.

19. Reform of cookie jar

Cookie jar as flower pots

You can add lively elegance to any inanimate object depending on your creativity. Think of a used cookie jar. All you need is creativity to make it a beautiful vase.

20. Hanging ball plants

Hanging plant plants

You will need moss, hemp rope, scissors, peat soil, cotton thread, etc. To make this “flower pot”, It is best to keep it outdoors because it will leak.

21. Bicycle as garden decoration

Bicycle as garden decoration

You can use your unusing old bicycle for decorating your garden. Paint it and use matching flower vine to decorate it.

22. Coconut husk as a plower pot

Coconut husk as a flower pot

You can use coconut husk as hanging flower pot. The coconut husk is absorbing more water. So, you don’t need to concern about more water after supplying once. Orchids are more suitable to this type pots.

Finally I want to tell you there is no matter what you have. You can try anything to decorate your garden according to your sense and creativity. Always try to look from different angle about anythings.





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