How To Grow Pothos In Water And Maintenance Facts

In addition to soil cultivation, you can also use water for pothos planting. That is hydroponic pothos cultivation. Today, I cut a few pothos branches for water planting. Let’s take a look at the water planting steps for pothos.

How to plant pothos in water

1. Select the best time to put the potholes in the water.

You can plant pothos in water all year round, but it is not recommended for water planting in winter. It is more suitable to do it in spring and autumn. For example, I did the following pothos planting in December.

2. Preparing the material for pothos water planting

You need to prepare materials in advance for planting pothos in water. For example, You should prepare containers for water planting, healthy branches of pothos, water, nutrient solution, knife or sharp scissor, and other materials in advance.

3. Picking a suitable water container

It is best to use transparent containers for the water planting of pothos. You can choose things such as a transparent glass container, transparent plastic cup, or a truncated mineral water bottle.

However, be sure to clean it before using the container. Clean it using a brush and wash it several times. Then put it in the sun to dry.

You can not directly use tap water for hydroponics. Of course, suppose you are particularly concerned about it. In that case, you can take the tap water in advance and put it at room temperature to cool for a few days before using it.

4. Cutting the pothos branches properly

Cutting the pothos branches properly

When choosing pothos branches for planting in water, select good growing branches directly from the healthy mother plant. Avoid using diseased branches and weak branches. Cut the chosen branches straight. But keep in mind that You must disinfect the knife you use here.

After cutting the branches, keep the length of the parts up to 10 cm. If there are leaves at the bottom, remove them. Keep the cut branches in a cool place without directly dipping them in water. Before dipping the branches in water, wait for the cut wounds to dry.

5. Placement of pothos in water

Placement of pothos in water

The process is simple. First, put the water in the container. Be sure not to fill the container to the top. Keep a distance of 2-3 cm between the surface of the water and the mouth of the container. Then insert the pothos branches directly into the water.

A water container about 5-6 cm deep can hold a few pothos twigs. When the branches are well dipped in water, ventilate the container for maintenance and place it in a cool place.

Pothos branches dipped in water

How to maintenance hydroponic pothos

1. Change the water regularly

Hydroponic pothos must ensure the cleanliness of the water quality. Generally, you should change the water every 3 to 5 days. The pothos roots will lead to rotten because of the dripping of nutrient solution. It is best to change the water once every 3 days to avoid excessive impurities in the water.

2. Adding nutrient solution to water

Adding nutrient solutions can make the growth of pothos better. It is similar to the effect of soil plantation and fertilization. Generally, about 2 drops of 1l water and 2-3 drops of most of them are OK. Add nutrient solution every time after changing the water. Pay attention not to drop it on the leaves.

3. Supply sufficient light for pothos

Pothos is a shade-loving plant. But if there is a lack of light in the long run, dark and yellow leaves will appear in pothos. Therefore, whether hydroponics or soil culture, you should ensure that there is a certain amount of light. It is sufficient to the scattered light without being too strong. Sufficient light is helpful to the photosynthesis of pothos, and it improves indoor air.

4. Suitable temperature for pothos in water

When planting pothos in water, it is important to keep its growth temperature between 16~24℃. Here it would be best if you tried not to exceed 28 ℃. The plant needs to be kept indoors in winter, and the room temperature should not be less than 10 ℃. Also, do not use too cold water when changing the water in winter.

Precautions of pothos in water

1. Prune the rotten roots

Prune the rotten roots of pothos

You must check the roots of pothos in water regularly. The roots need to be cut off in time If there is decay. At the same time, you can cut off the excessively long roots and some weak roots of the old roots.

2. Water requirements of pothos

If you have tap water, you cannot use the water just released from the tap immediately. It would be best to let the water stand for 2 days or put it in the sun for a day before using it. If it is pure water or cold water, you can use it directly.

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