How To Grow Hydroponic Sansevieria

If you want to plant sansevieria in water, you need to take the plant out of the pot, clean the root system, trim the old root, and then put it directly into the water container and add water. Do not use too much water. Just ensure that 2 / 3 of the root is immersed in water.

Steps to hydroponic sansevieria

Select appliance

Select pots according to the size of plants to be hydroponically cultured. Select bottles, pots, and other instruments that match the varieties and complement each other.

Glass flower pots are more elegant. You can buy or process it by yourself to make the container decent and elegant. Try to achieve the unity of instruments and the living environment to achieve an ideal viewing effect.

Soil removal and root washing

Take the plants out of the pot. Water them properly 2 ~ 3 days before to keep the soil loose and facilitate the removal of the pot.

When the plant is transferred from soil to water, the organic matter connected to the soil and root system should be cleaned. Thus, it effectively avoids the normal growth of flowers and the infection of diseases and pests.

The root washing method is, dig out the selected sansevieria plants from the soil or gently pour them out of the flower pot, shake them gently and tap, the soil at the roots will fall off and all the roots will be exposed.

Then soak in clean water for 15-20 minutes, gently wash the root by hand, and then change the water 2-3 times until the root is entirely free of soil and the root washing water is clear and transparent without sediment.

However, you should note that some flowers have hard roots and twisted joints, while many soils are in the gap. If necessary, you can use wooden sticks or screwdrivers to dig out. The fact is there must be no soil left. This is one of the important links for the success of the hydroponic culture. It would be best if you were not careless.

Sansevieria prepare to to grow hydroponic

Pruning old roots

It would be best to properly cut off the old roots, diseased roots, old leaves, and yellow leaves according to the root system growth of sansevieria. Because hydroponic culture can observe not only leaves but also damage roots.

After pruning, clean it again with clean water to wash away the root hair residue left during pruning to ensure the perfect root morphology. Then, bring it to the container and make sure it does not cause water contamination.

Put the plants in the container

After the plants are processed, they can be directly put into the water culture container and add water. Do not water too much and ensure that 2/3 of the root enters the water.

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Maintenance method of hydroponic sansevieria

Temperature and light requirements

The suitable growth temperature of hydroponic sansevieria is more than 5 degrees above zero and less than 30 degrees. In other words, people feel more comfortable with the temperature, and sansevieria will also grow healthily.

In addition, hydroponic sansevieria needs appropriate light, not necessarily the sun, but a certain amount of scattered light. Therefore, avoid direct sunlight in summer.

Regular water change

Changing water refers to changing the water with a nutrient solution in the bottle. Generally, change the water every 5-10 days in spring and autumn and change the water once every 5 days in summer. Also, change the water once every 10-15 days in winter (add the concentrated nutrient solution in proportion after the tap water is placed for half a day).

Changing water is important to ensure the oxygen supply in the water. Freshwater contains more oxygen, and plants will grow healthier. If you don’t change water for a long time, plants can persist for a period of time. However, if you don’t change water for a long time, the water in the bottle is not fresh, and you will find out that the plant is dying.

Hydroponic sansevieria

Clean the container

Wash the roots and containers of plants with clean water when changing the water each time. Also, trim dead branches, leaves, and rotten roots. Under normal conditions, hydroponic sansevieria will rot part of the root as long as the rotten part is cut off.

Moisture controlling

There is little water in the air in winter, and the indoor is very dry. This weather is unfavorable to the growth of hydroponic sansevieria. Therefore, it is necessary to spray water on the leaf surface to maintain humidity. It is more suitable if you can spray water twice a day.

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