Yellowing Leaves Of Pothos In Winter [All Reasons + Solutions]

Pothos or devil’s ivy (Epipremnum aureum) an excellent plant to grow for inside beauty, but many flower friends say that the pothos always turns yellow when winter comes. And also, another problem is that they feel like it is about to fall from the plant. Why is it so? Why does pothos always turning the yellow leaves in winter? How to solve this problem? Let’s understand together below.

Yellowing leaves of pothos,

Excessive watering causes the pothos leaves to turn yellow

Depending on the temperature of the winter, pothos will usually stop growing at this point. Therefore, it is necessary to reduce the amount of watering and stop applying fertilizers in this case. If you add too much water at this point, it will easily kill the pothos roots. The first symptom then is that the leaves of the pothos turn yellow.

Excessive watering causes the pothos leaves to turn yellow


When the temperature drops after winter, you should start reducing the frequency of watering. If you notice a rapid growth of pothos’s yellow leaves, stop watering the plant. If you can, it’s best to keep it in the sun. Consider replacing the plant if it is more severe under sunlight.

Poor air circulation causes pothos yellow leaves

Because of the extreme cold in winter, you often close many doors and windows in the house. It causes a lack of indoor air circulation. The environment needs good ventilation for pothos to grow. The air circulation obstruction caused by closing the doors and windows will lead to yellowing the pothos leaves.

Also, consider the carbon dioxide level inside the house


After the winter, you can choose to open the windows for a few hours at noon on a sunny day. It will be good for the pothos plant and you also.

Excessive fertilization will cause yellowing leaves of pothos

The problem with yellow leaves in pothos in winter is most likely due to improper fertilizers. Because winter temperatures are relatively low, not only pothos but many other green plants will slow down in the winter. Here the growth of green leaves is likely to stop. In this case, adding too much fertilizer can cause big damage to the root system. Here the roots are unable to absorb nutrients, and the leaves turn yellow.

Excessive fertilization, yellowing leaves of pothos,


Fertilizer water is not usually supplied directly to the root system after winter. You can sprinkle a little fertilizer on the leaves and use a special pothos fertilizer. If the fertilizer damages the roots, remove the roots from the pot. Cut out the rotten roots and replant them after disinfection. Please keep them in a warm place to restore and slow down growth. If the condition is more severe, cut some leaves.

Dry air causes pothos yellow leaves

Many people usually are using air conditioners in their homes. This causes the indoor air to dry out. Excessive drying of the weather is not suitable for pothos. It causes a lack of water on the leaf surface of the pothos and allows more water to get away from the leaf. Such dry surroundings give the pothos yellow leaves.

Dry air causes pothos yellow leaves


Always spray water on the leaves of pothos to maintain the humidity in the air.

The low temperature will cause yellowing leaves of pothos

Pothos does not tolerate low temperatures. If the temperature is low and the humidity is sufficient in winter, the deciduous roots will rot. The water supply of deciduous roots will be insufficient. It causes the root leaves to start growing. Therefore, the brightness of the upper leaves of the leaves is lost.



You can use a root rot prevention product to irrigate the roots at first. If there is no effect, consider using branches without yellow leaves to reproduce cuttings to avoid extinction.

Frozen air hit will cause pothos yellow leaves

Climate change with the start of winter frosts is not clearly visible quickly. It will be difficult for many flower lovers to come quickly and take the pothos indoors in such a situation. Therefore, pothos is susceptible to cold air. So, frozen pothos first shows the yellow leaves.

Frozen air hit will cause pothos yellow leaves


Move back pothos to indoor maintenance in time in winter, and be optimistic about the weather forecast.

Lack of sunlight will cause pothos yellow leaves

Enough sunlight is required when growing pothos in winter. The inability to get enough sunlight also causes the leaves to turn yellow. It is necessary to ensure that the daily light period for the pothos is about 5 hours.


In addition to the plant’s growth, you can use the life lamp to promote the normal progression of photosynthesis and ensure that the color of the pothos leaves is bright and shiny.

Finally, you must pay constant attention to the plant. It will allow you to identify the problem at an early stage. Early detection will make it easier for you to move on to the solutions mentioned above. It will protect your pothos plant not only from the winter but always.

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