Terrace Garden Design Ideas And Essential Tips

The balcony terrace area is generally large, and there is no roof on it. So the stones are used to design the terrace garden, which is the best area for the so-called roof garden. There are many plans for the terrace design, which can make into a terrace sunshine room, a terrace balcony garden, a terrace vegetable garden, etc.

In the design of the open-air balcony garden, you should pay attention to the drainage of the balcony first. Then, you should select the appropriate flower racks and plants and match the appropriate furniture to create a beautiful balcony garden.

How to design the balcony terrace garden

Does your family have a terrace? Are you worried about how to use it? This article will certainly help you! Today, I will introduce the design concepts and skills of 13 Terrace Gardens (roof gardens). Teach you how to build your ecological terrace garden.

It’s really lucky to have a terrace when living in the city. You can use it to build your own back garden. It’s ideal for planting flowers and vegetables. But after learning the following design aspects, you can get twice the result with half the effort and avoid many detours. So follow me to inspire your terrace potential!

Keep the terrace as open as possible

The open area is relatively large. Try not to use glass and colored steel to close it because most plants need sufficient sunshine, air circulation, and rainwater.

Flowers on wooden terrace

Pay attention to the drainage of the balcony

When we design balcony gardens, the most critical issue is drainage, which is also one of the techniques for designing small-sized gardens. Because plants need water to be watered, once the water is lacking, the plants will die.

However, for high floors, the drainage of the balcony itself is a more troublesome matter. If the solution is not good, there will be water leakage, affecting the neighbors’ relationship. Therefore, we must first consider the drainage problem when designing the garden. It is best to make several waterproof grooves so that the water can be effectively discharged.

Select plants according to area

According to the area, you can plant slightly tall trees with dense branches and leaves. This should be determined according to the area of the terrace to have the basic layout and feel of the garden. Bamboo is a good choice. If the terrace is too small, you can choose shrubs instead.

Build your flower bed reasonably

Build your own flower bed with red bricks or aerated blocks along the wall, and the depth is better than 50cm so that most plants can grow well. Then, of course, planting shrubs is not a problem.

The bottom of the flower bed should be well waterproofed with waterproof materials to control the flow of excess water and prevent the plant roots from damaging the roof.

Select a suitable flower stand

The balcony area is not very large for tiny houses, and if you want to put down a lot of plants, you need flower stands. However, a good pergola can bring an interesting temperament to the balcony and is one of the garden design tricks.

The most common types of flower stands are wood, iron, and plastic. Wood flower stands have a natural and fresh temperament, iron flower stands have texture and neatness, and plastic flower stands have anti-corrosion and anti-rust effects.

Flower stands on terrace

Maintain the diversity of terrace plants

After several large trees or shrubs have a basic garden layout, you should plan the rest of the flower beds as much as possible. A variety of plants and vegetables should be intercropped to complement each other so that the garden will be very beautiful and colorful.

Arrange furniture reasonably

Select suitable furniture and put it in a proper position. Outdoor furniture must be selected according to its use, appropriate size, and used close to its needs. Don’t make a big picture, and don’t buy it casually to save space. Instead, you can choose comprehensively according to your terrace’s style, purpose, and area.

Create an eye-catcher

Find a bright spot for your terrace garden to make the finishing point. It is the most eye-catching point in your garden, such as flowing water, fish ponds, and statues. Open your mind and design according to your actual situation and hobbies.

Lighting is also important

At night, it would be incredible to see the garden without lights. I suggest that you can use two kinds of lamps, one is the strong light type, and try to be bright. A dark light type, creating a feeling of dusk.

Color matching is very important

Use no more than three colors for patio furniture, railings, and arrangements. Too many colors will give people a sense of confusion and lack of consistency and will also steal the spotlight of plants. Instead, use neutral colors such as white, gray, and beige. This will highlight the characteristics of your plant.

Make full use of vertical space

The use of vertical space can not only make full use of the terrace space but also give the garden a three-dimensional feeling.

Terrace furniture

Select the right floor

You must choose the floor according to your garden’s overall style and main color. Of course, the climate of your place is also very important. If it rains frequently, you should be corrosion-resistant. If the temperature is high, you should be heat-resistant. If the climate is cold, you should choose cold-resistant materials.

Reasonable planning

Planning the color of plants such as flowers and vegetables is the key. For the plants planted in each flower bed and flowerpot, the plant height, leaf color, flower color, etc., must be analyzed, and you must reasonably arrange the planting position, height matching, and color matching. Only in this way can you make the terrace colorful and free from chaos.

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