How To Repot A Clivia, Pay Attention To These Points

Have you ever thought about changing the flower pot for clivia After cultivating for so long, and whether your clivia is also not growing? After growing it for a long time, it is still the same as the initial or is not as good as the original after changing the pot.

Primary clivia plant

In the process of growing clivia, it is necessary to change the pot. It is the most essential to change the pot once a year. In changing the pot, there is a law that spring is golden, and autumn is silver. So how can you change the pot to make my clivia look good and grow?

Reasons for changing clivia pots once a year

Clivia flower pot

Why do we say that clivia needs to be replaced once a year? The reason is straightforward. The clivia grown at home is basically limited in space in the flower pot, and the root system of clivia is very evolved. Therefore, the root system that does not fill the pot will not cause the growth and development of leaves and flowers of clivia.

One year is enough for the root system of clivia to completely cover the flowerpot. After a year, the flowerpot is full of old roots, and the new root system has no place to grow. So that is very unfavorable for the growth and development of the plant. And although there are all nutrient soils, if the nutrients are not refilled in time within a year, the plant will become nutrient deficient.

Large clivia plant

When changing the flowerpot, it is obvious that the root system of the clivia is very delicate, and the soil that has already started to agglomerate is not suitable for the growth of clivia.

Best time to change clivia pot

“Spring is golden, and autumn is silver.” Here, the golden time of changing pots of clivia is clearly explained in just four words. So, when repotting, try to choose spring.

Clivia root syestem

At this time, the flowering period of clivia has just passed, and the growth rate of the entire plant has entered a semi-dormant state. Therefore, at this time, changing the pot of clivia can better adapt to the new pot.

If you want to change clivia pots, try to choose in spring, and it is the best time; autumn is just a backup choice. In addition to these two seasons, try not to change pots, which are unfriendly to plant growth.

How to choose flower pots for clivia

Clivia soil treat

There is also a law in clivia: small flowerpots are easy to bloom, and large flower pots are easy to promote the growth and development of branches, so whether it is large or small pots grow depends entirely on individual needs.

But the big flowerpot mentioned here is not a super-large flowerpot that does not match the body of the clivia, but a flowerpot that is a little bigger than the current clivia.

Clivia repotting

However, one advantage of large flowerpot cultivation is that it is suitable for early cultivation because the root system of clivia has a unique point. Therefore, it needs to grow all over the flowerpot before it can develop branches and leaves outside the soil. The reason for this is to lay a good foundation, which is conducive to later growth and development.

Clivia in pot

If the clivia is well maintained in the early stage, it can be replaced with a smaller flower pot, but the thing is that this small flowerpot can accommodate the root system of the clivia. Therefore, when changing the flowerpot, be careful not to damage the plant’s root system.

Bloomed flowers on clivia pot

The advantage of a small flowerpot is that it absorbs water quickly and is easy to dry. In this case, clivia likes flowering very much; therefore, If you like more flowering clivia, you can choose to change pots in autumn, just in time for the last bus to bloom, so that the whole winter and spring are in the atmosphere of clivia flowers in full bloom.

Clivia pot soil treating

If you want to keep a pot of flowers, you must not be a lazy person. You must water and fertilize the flowers frequently, and careful care can exchange for the most beautiful appearance of the plant. Before breeding, you must also do an excellent job of breeding strategies to avoid problems caused by not understanding, and let your careful care in exchange for the same return.

Although clivia is not easy to maintain, many friends still love it. After learning these small methods, I believe that everyone’s clivia will be full of pots and bloom early!

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