Guide To Growing Red Spider Lily Indoors

Lilies have dozens of species, most of them native to China and Japan. The red spider lily is a type of lily in the Lycoris genus. It is an easy-grow and more durable perennial flowering plant. The spider lilies get its name because it stamens like a spider’s legs after blooms. The beautiful thing is you can’t see the foliage of this plant when it blooms. Its leaves normally appear after its flowers fall. Do you think to try this amazing plant in your garden? or are you trying to grow a red spider lily indoors? Let’s look out for conditions to follow when growing red spider lilies.

Are red spider lilies easy to grow?

Red spider lilies are mainly propagated from bulbs. You don’t have to work hard to grow it. You can get good results after planting a few bulbs in fertile soil. It is also less affected by insects and diseases; hence you can plant and leave them. But follow the ordinary routine of plant caring that I gave you below.

Growing red spider lily indoors


Frequently water to keep the moisture of soil in the flowering period. Don’t need to water after the foliage dies and start watering again when the next growing starts.


Red spider lilies are skipping their first-year bloom, sometimes even their second-year bloom. So, you can use nitrogen fertilizer for better blooming.


Red spider lilies need sunlight. It is best to supply sufficient sunlight for better blooming.

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You must select well-drained soil for planting lilies. In the overall view, red spider lilies are easy to grow. It hassle-free flowering plant for your garden.

Can spider lilies be grown indoors?

You can plant red spider lilies indoors. As I mentioned, you need to supply enough sunlight to it. You can place the plant near the window or in the courtyard or balcony. Also, it needs to supply water according to the season.

Red spider lilies can be poisonous to humans. So, you must be careful when growing indoors. Try to grow in bigger pots and keep away from children and pets.

Red spider lilies without leaves

How do you grow red spider lilies at home?

  • You can get plants from red spider lily bulbs.
  • Take the bulbs and separate them from each other.
  • If there are bigger bulbs, you can cut them along vertically.
  • It is not necessary to cut off the leaves of the plant. They dry up gradually when bulbs germinate.
  • Dig holes in the soil and place bulbs 5cm below the soil surface.
  • Cover the bulbs with soil, then water as much as needed.


Where do spider lilies grow best?

Red spider lilies are native to Asia. It is growing best in the southern united states. It is mainly spread in Florida. They can grow in USDA zones 6-10.

Do spider lilies smell?

Spider lilies have a light fragrance. When in bloom, they are powerful enough to scent the whole environment.

Are Red spider lilies bad luck?

Red spider lilies are mostly planted near graves and cemeteries. For this reason, most people think red spider lilies are a sign of bad luck.

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