Types of best indoor ferns with pictures

When it comes to plants that can grow in the shade inside, they must always include a kind of fern. There are many different kinds of decorative ferns. Today I’d like to talk about different types of ferns that you can grow at home. The green, oily leaves look like they are joyful, and they also do a great job of cleaning the air. One fern pot is similar to an air purifier!

Boston ferns

Boston fern

When it comes to ferns, Boston ferns are very attractive to look at. Its scientific name is Nephrolepis exaltata and also known as sword fern. They look light and elegant, with fresh, tender, green leaves that flutter. They are unique in every way. They also clean the air very well because they are green plants. They can eliminate formaldehyde, xylene, benzene, and other harmful gases in the air. They can also get rid of allergies typically caused by gas infections. It also likes a warm and humid environment, is afraid of strong light, and is resistant to shade. It is suitable for gardens and indoor planting in the south.

Southern maidenhair ferns

Southern maidenhair fern

Southern maidenhair fern has always been a popular fern species. It is a beautiful and generous plant type. It has light green leaves that are as thick as clouds and thin, dark, and bright petioles that are both thin and beautiful. It looks good all year long, is green and good for the environment, and makes a great ornament. It can also clean the air by absorbing formaldehyde, toluene, and other dangerous chemicals. There are several beautiful and healthy plants in pots at home.

Autumn ferns

Autumn fern

Dryopteris erythrosora, also called autumn fern or Japanese shield fern, has red, yellow, and green leaves, which is rare for ferns. It has leaves that look like feathers. On each side of the branch, there are two of them. The whole plant is soft and beautiful. It grows well under dark trees in the courtyard or the corner of a wall. The ultimate outcome is wonderful. It grows best in warm, humid, and dark places, like a courtyard in the south.

Elkhorn ferns

Elkhorn fern

Elkhorn fern is a type of fern that is often used as an ornament. Its scientific name is Platycerium, and also known as staghorn fern. It is a unique type of plant with thick, leathery, drooping leaves that look like the antlers of a sika deer. It also has fresh, elegant leaves that stay green all year, full of tropical customs, and does an excellent job of cleaning the air, making it feel fresh, and controlling the humidity in the room. When caring for a potted staghorn fern, you should cover the bottom of its healthy leaves with peat moss or another loose, breathable material. Peat moss can be fixed with wooden boards and even hung on the wall to keep it in good shape. It can also be grown in a hanging pot.

Bird’s nest ferns

Bird's nest fern

Even though the bird’s nest fern doesn’t have pretty colors, its shape is more beautiful. Its shape is reminiscent of a bird’s nest, and its bright green leaves are stunning. It may clean the air of toxic chemicals like formaldehyde and carbon dioxide while simultaneously boosting the amount of oxygen in the room.

Ostrich ferns

Ostrich fern

Ostrich Fern is a type of fern that looks elegant, delicate, and easy to grow. Matteuccia struthiopteris is its scientific name. It is a type of fern that works well for north-south use. You can plant it with rocks or put it in a pot by itself. You can plant it in your yard under a forest, near water or rocks, or in a dark corner, which are all good places. It can handle both hot and cold temperatures, doesn’t like dry conditions, grows best in dark, moist places, and can be planted in southern and northern courtyards.

Rabbit foot ferns

Rabbit foot fern

Davallia Fejeensis is another name for Rabbit foot fern. This is because the root is on the outside and looks like a rabbit’s foot. From far away, one of its leaves looks like a carrot leaf; up close, it looks like a tiny feather. It’s worth keeping as ornamental. It is great for getting fresh air in a small space and can also get rid of smells caused by moisture. If you put it in the bathroom, it will absorb water and odor.

Pteris ensiformis

Pteris ensiformis

The Pteris ensiformis fern is a small fern that is also known as the silver lace fern. It has leaves that look like feathers. Overall, the ornamental quality is pretty high. The fern Pteris ensiformis does well in small pots on windowsills or balconies. It can grow in smaller pots but not in too large pots at once. Make sure the soil is not stuck and can breathe. If you grow a plant in a pot, you should make sure to water it often, especially if it is in a sunny place. The soil shouldn’t be too dry, or the plant will die quickly.

Blue star ferns

Blue star fern

The common name for Phlebodium aureum is blue star fern. It has blue-green leaves with a variety of shapes. The leaves will have a white-gray layer that will protect those. When caring for a potted blue star fern, ensure it gets enough light every day, doesn’t spend too much time in the shade, and is in an area with good airflow. Also, it is easy to take care of in warm and humid places. When you see that the soil is dry 2–3 cm below the surface, you can give it a thorough watering. Don’t keep watering the leaves when you’re watering the plant. Its leaves grow on the soil’s surface, where the stolons grow.

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